Eduard Van Beinum School, Rotterdam


The Eduard Van Beinum School in Rotterdam needed a new website. Their current website  was too dated. They needed a new brighter version with total CMS control, the ability to give users different roles and permissions in the backend and security to enable certain pages – such as photos – for the eyes of the parents only.

We set this website in the air at the end of last year and we received an unbelievable response. Not only were the parents extremely happy, but the staff were too. Each teacher was given their own log-in and their own personal blog that could be accessed by their own students. The head was also given access to control the entire site and where needed can give publishing access for the more sensitive information.

We are already implementing updates in this site so that the school fees can be paid online and that the weekly news will be published in blog so that each parent can follow the correct stream of information.

The result is amazing. Please feel free to take a look at the site here.