Avenue Sneakers

Website: http://www.avenuesneakers.com/

In the autumn of 2014, I was approached by Avenue Sneakers. They wanted a site to sell their up and coming high-end sneaker line. The sneakers are hand made from calfs leather in Portugal and are sold for a whacking 250 euros a pair. Seeing the care and attention to detail given to the sneakers I was dubious about taking on the task. The website had to match that care and attention to detail and for the Avenue Sneaker crew, every pixel mattered. Could I produce such a perfect website?  Duh! Of course.

This website took weeks of concentration, patience, teamwork and dedication. We started with a blank screen and I built every page to the customers wishes. There was lots tweaking .. less white space here, a different color there, this a bit bigger, that a bit smaller. But we got there. On time and to the quality and usability expected. I love this site and the customer does too.