The Basics

The following points are the basics that are required for the sales via the web.  Each of these points is explained further below.

  • New website
  • All products in webshop
  • Integration with physical shop stock (kassa)

New website

It goes, without saying, that your site will be beautiful and functional.

In order to be able to sell correctly and with profit, it is essential that we move to WooCommerce, the shop for WordPress (Avenue Sneakers). The current setup is not sufficient to run a successful store. At a minimum we need to be able to add the following possibilities, all of which are possible within the functionality of WooCommerce:

  • Shipping per country – for example at LDS I have different shipping for each land ranging from 6 euros to 35 euros.
  • Free shipping possibility
  • Various payment methods – credit card, paypal, ideal, bank transfer
  • Tax rates per country – for example outside of Europe there is no tax calculated, the customers pay import tax
  • Pick up in store
  • Payment in store
  • What’s new
  • What to buy now (seasonal)
  • Ability to easily set the products in the sale (in bulk or per product)
  • Ability to sell per sets as well as individual products
  • Brand information
  • Blog
  • Integration Mailchimp for newsletters
  • Social media integration
  • Financial Reporting
  • SEO reporting
  • Dutch and English (+ more languages)
  • Integration with a delivery service (I work with My Parcel but perhaps DHL?)
  • Cross selling (the person who bought this also bought this)
  • More??

All products in webshop

Getting everything in the webshop is a question of time, but I recommend that we put all the products into the webshop.

What is needed:

  • Good SEO optimised, individual, product descriptions (for a higher ranking in Google)
  • All photos in the same size and with good descriptions and tags (for a higher ranking in Google)
  • Link to sets
  • Link to the whole brand
  • Offer products that match (see avenue sneakers)

Integration with physical shop stock (kassa)

I have added this because it is important but it should definitely not be seen as a stopper for De Nimes to flourish on the web.  Up until now it has been the decision point. Lets put this aside for now and concentrate on what the webshop can offer.

It is basically a piece of code that needs to be written. I will take care of the complex technical solution.  My first initiative will be to convince the company who offer the kassa solution to create an integration with WooCommerce. This will be beneficial to them as we cannot be the first party or the last party to ask this. They should be able to resell the solution.

If not possible then we have 2 solutions and a workaround to allow us to move forward:

  • Ask other companies to create the solution
  • Move to my (recommended) solution of the Woocommerce addition for the physical shop which I currently use at LDS.
  • When something is bought at the shop then take it immediately out of the webshop (via a purchase). This is not ideal but we can survive with this for a couple of months until a solution is found. While the stock is being placed in the webshop we will have to do this regardless.