Catch Legal

Catch Legal are a young law firm based in the center of Amsterdam. They had a decent website – all the right information and a blog where they could post legal articles. However something was just not quite right.

The website was dated, the CMS was limited and it was not responsive. They called in my help.

Starting with a blank white screen and working very closely with the secretariaat we built together a website that absolutely fitted the vision of Catch Legal. 

This young law firm were much more particular that I could ever have expected. Details mattered a lot and a lot of css work was involved to make sure that the screen looked and responded exactly as they wanted it to.

Thanks to a great teamwork between Catch Legal  and myself, the site was delivered quickly and Catch Legal are very happy indeed!

They can now continue to use the WordPress blogging platform to release legal articles on a site that they are proud of.