Dragon Shades

Website: http://www.dragonshades.com/

Dragonshades is  Fatjo’s most challenging, beautiful and stimulating project until now. Louise van Vliet approached us in December 2013 for the need for a website to support her current blog at wordpress.com, which believe me, was something in itself. Louise, a lover of color and creativity makes photos through bottles and turns these in to the most breathtaking pieces of art. She started her blog in 2012 by just simply displaying her work. No words needed. When we took the challenge to make her website we were astounded at the number of followers she had gained.

With the prospect of showing her work at some very famous galleries she needed a website to gently give up her anonymity. The website had to be on Louise’s terms. Illusive, black, playful, recursive. Like I say, it was a challenge.  But we got there. We have given her artwork the platform it deserves and we have had lots of fun doing so. Like any other website, it is probably not quite finished. But seeing the response from the public, we are happy and they are too.

We created Louise’s website in wordpress 3.8.1 and designed the template ourselves.

Take a peek here.