Little Department Store


The Little Department Store, based in Rotterdam is a highly successful online store , which in 2014 was extended to a brick and stone shop in Rotterdam on the Kleiweg.

We initially made the site in Prestashop, which was fine for a number of years. The business boomed and the website sold like crazy. The only problem was that the site, which got lots of compliments, gave a very commercial and ordinary image to its visitors. It was one of the many webshops that, despite its beauty, did not stand out from the crowd.

Despite the good sales the webshop did not match the owners personality. They wanted something much more personal. In January this year we decided to sit round the table and listen to each other. What is it that they want, and what can we achieve within their budget? And this is what we came up with ..  This time made in WordPress and WooCommerce.

I love this site and are very very proud that we took the time out to spend lot of time making this site. Its beautiful! Please view it here