Moretta Covalo

It was so exciting to be approached at the beginning of October 2017 by a stranger who had ‘searched the web looking for a WordPress webdesigner’ and came across my work. ‘We love what you do’ said Macy. Wow!

They wanted someone who could quickly create a site in WordPress for their new Liqueur Moretta Covalo. Erm ok, no problems!

They had thought the design through and gave me an example website from a small Gin distillery to work from. As I worked on the infrastructure of the site, Macy worked on content and the images were delivered. A brilliant team working that ensure fas delivery of a very beautiful site. It took around 3 weeks.

The site is not completely finished. Mercy is still tweaking content and social media links need to be created when the social media accounts are ready. But my work is done.