Social Media Plan


Social media in retail is essential. Without this there is basically a webshop without potential of selling. Getting it right is crucial.

In order to do so we need consistency in what we present. We need to agree to a dedicated plan. We need to work together.

Let’s make it happen!

In the following I do not intend to be critical but I have to say that if I look at the shop De Nimes and look at your lifestyle then the social media is absolutely not comparable. Let me explain.

In order to sell well we must make a social media plan for De Nimes along with social media goals. Without a plan the social media will not be effective. Without goals, there will be no way of telling how effective we are being. It an absolute must that we sit together to define what we want social media to achieve for De Nimes, for example:

  • Increase sales
  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Get more customers in the shop
  • Increase the usage of #DeNimes #DeNimestimeless #timelessfashion
  • Introduce new products
  • Drive offers (inc win stunts)
  • Offer freebies
  • etc

Which Tools?

In addition we need to decide which social media tools we are going to use. I recommend keeping it to the big 4:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr

However we can also make use of others such as:

  • Twitter
  • You Tube

Which tool for which purpose?

Further we have to decide for which purpose and audience we will use each tool. I suggest that we use Instagram as our driving force (share to) and then spread the word of De Nimes as follows:

  • Instagram and Tumblr for the serious fashionistas. People who love fashion and believe (who we can convince) branding is important
  • Facebook for the ‘mums and dads and older’ looking for quality, who have a good income and money to pay for quality
  • Snap Chat for the younger customers
  • Blog to sell our story

Social media goals

In order to use social media to every advantage, we need to set goals, and these goals need to be SMART – *specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based.* So for example, if we need more customers via the website then we need to specify goals such as

“We will use Instagram within De Nimes to increase more traffic to the website. We will post 2 times per day, one post using, for example a set / clothing item / brand photo. With each photo we will specify that the link to the website is in is in the bio. We expect a minimum of 10 likes per photo and 10 clicks to the website”

“We will use Facebook 1 time in the month to specifically target our Hillegersberg customers. We will post on the last Wednesday of each month inviting them to the shop on the Friday for the ‘end of the month Friday brunch at De Nimes’. We will offer a 10% discount on the Friday morning along with exceptional service and private shopping. We expect a minimum of 4 customers and a revenue of 1000 euros”

Timing and Agenda

We need to make a timing plan and a social media calendar. So we need to decide:

  1. How often do we post
  2. At what time of day do we post
  3. What events during the year are we going to highlight – for example fathers day, Amsterdam fashion week, christmas, new collections hanging  … this needs to be carefully planned for the whole year and needs to be commonly supported over all  De Nimes social media channels and the website
  4. Who is going to post?

Consistency = Identity

In order to allow immediate recognition of De Nimes, it is essential that we produce a consistency in what we post over each social media channel. We need to use consistency to build an identity. We want the customers to immediately recognise De Nimes and associate with products and lifestyle such as in the next photo  – a gorgeous photo that sums up De Nimes. How we do that I explain below:

Have a nice and ☀️day! #denimes #summertime #weekend #enjoythesun #hillegersberg #rotterdam #shopping @denimes.concepts

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Font and logo

We need to decide on which font to use and which application to write our ‘text posts’ (example Word Swag). De Nimes uses confusingly different fonts. What is currently being presented to the customer is too spontaneous and cluttered. When they see this go by on social media there is no recognition that it is De  Nimes.

For example. For the sale there were two or three different  fonts and styles. On Instagram, within a couple of days, we saw all this flash by. The sale was announced in in a number of different ways. None of which really identify with your beautiful shop, lifestyle and collection:

Shop your summer outfit?#sale #summer #summertime #allbrands

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BIGSALE‼️? #bigsale #hurryup #sale #finale #lastround #womens #mens #allbrands @denimes.concepts

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Base for photos

We need to specify one photo background to capture De Nimes. In that way every time somebody sees the photo then then instantly know that this is De Nimes. It is essential that we portray a continuous style image to the customer that the are buying from this gorgeous shop:

We need to set this base for the following – with my ideas:

De Nimes Lifestyle

I have an idea that we (regularly) make a photo of the same woman/man walking past De Nimes and capture this in an artistic way. This will link your shop to the collection on the web.

I was inspired by these two photos (ok, per quality, the two are not comparable I know. One was my 5th instagram post, the other Peter!).:

Nadja Auermann, Tokyo, 1996 #FromTheVault #LindberghStories #NadjaAuermann #2bmanagement #gagosiangallery

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#florence #joannekeitch

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We can also take close ups of someone outside the shop with just the DE NIM (from the logo) in the background – similar to this one:

This gives the customer the knowledge that the webshop offers great fashion, also available at a beautiful shop. So always the shop window somewhere in the photo.

I also by the way like this one:

Love the loafers?#penny #avenue #therelax3 #relax3 @denimes.concepts

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Decide on a constant way to shoot product photos and stick to it (perhaps three different ways: hanging/flat/piled up). Also always use something on the photo to identify with De Nimes. This could be a business card or a iphone with the logo on (or even a certain flower/stone/candle).  Decide on the background color and stick to it (for example white tissue paper / a wooden floor/white wall). Be consistent and not this:

#sun68 #polo #allcolours @denimes.concepts

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followed by this:

Lucky for you we have all the colours #havaiianas #slippers #allcolours #summertime #sunshine @denimes.concepts

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Shop customers

Include customers. Perhaps photograph them sitting on the sofa? I always photograph mine in front of the balie. Use the same viewpoint and filter.

Brand photos

Include brand photos on social media but choose ones that offer a consistent look and feel by using the same filter and lifestyle. People who do this brilliantly are Net-a-Porter:

Know what your customers are doing on Social Media

We need to keep above what the customers are following on social media so following our customers will cost time, but is essential.