Victri Actuarissen

Victri Actuarissen, Rotterdam is a small but powerful actuarial company running for 13 years strong. Up until recently they have relied on their LinkedIn profiles as their business card, but knew that they really should invest in a website as a completion to their already successful company.  Victri Acctuarissen and FatJo teamed up in 2013 to create a WordPress based site.

The requirements were simple. The site must be businesslike and clean. It should be the back bone to their already established reputation and incorporate their current successful use of LinkedIn.

FatJo not only designed and delivered the site but also took the complexity of hosting over. The already busy Victri requires room to concentrate on their core business and not be disturbed by the added responsibility of a website maintenance. At Fatjo we were happy to take this out of their hands.

Key features of the site are as follows:

1. The site was developed using WordPress

2. Victri have access to a complete CMS system that allows them to be in total control of the content.

3. The site has the LinkedIn profiles embedded so that any career and experience information need be updated within LinkedIn only.

Please feel free to view the site here.