Hi Bart and Michel. I have had a great time looking at the potential of the product and thinking how I can improve your reach to get more hits to the site and of course more sales. I base this report on the assumption that there are two target audiences. Firstly the people who will play and enjoy. Secondly the organisations who will purchase the product.

This report is based on the assumption that while 50-200 people (per event) enjoy playing, there is 1 person responsible for purchasing. It is also assuming that, as reports suggest, (google “why do people love trivia”) there are millions of people who love trivia throughout the world. My suggestion for you is to bring the trivia lovers and the buyers into 2 separate categories and sell to them in different ways. I am assuming that if we can catch the heart of the trivia lovers they will successfully pass the message on to the buyers, either via social media or direct contact. In the meantime the buyers need direct contact.


Great way to contact both buyers and end users. This video comes high in the google ratings. You guys have a great video on YouTube that has been seen 9000 time however:

  • No link to website!!!
  • Text from 1 June 2011!!!!! Too old .. needs updating and much more information such as number of users, possibilities, types of licenses.


  • Add link
  • Update text
  • More videos – mini games (GET THE PEOPLE INVOLVED!)
  • Think about a season based mini game such as a Christmas teaser


Website – impression = clumsy

  1. No house style No logo, No favicon
  2. No use of full page – everything clumped in the middle.
  3. Too many items in menu 
  4. No direct link to telephone and email on frontpage. This should be at top of page and directly available.
  5. Awful clumsy graphic on http://www.quizxpress.com/en/applications
  6. Videos and sliders need to me moved to top


  • Use page breadth to give user more access to immediate information
  • Make use of secondary and footer menus to capture less important issues
  • Add direct access to telephone number and email address as well as social media items. See http://www.newdayonline.nl/
  • Consider using a professional photo library such as shutterstock. It will cost money but I am a great believer that image speaks louder than 1000 words. Of course, better still, your own images of events and usage of QuizXpress. Whatever you choose they have to be fitting and adapted so that they are consistent throughout the site. No more amateur snaps.

Website – content

  1. Need much more direct information on ‘How others use QuizExpress’. The power of your product is that it can be used for anyone, anywhere. Suggestion one page per usage with testimonials and descriptive url (permalinks = postname = good SEO) Also include pages for where it can be used even though it has been not been used for this purpose as of yet. For example weddings (see http://www.newdayonline.nl/the-many-usages-of-quizxpress/ for example page and more ideas). Make sure that these pages are kept up to date and are optimised for SEO. Plenty of images, external links etc. 
  2. It is not clear for who the audience is.  Need to split it clearly into event end-users / trivia lovers and product buyers.
  3. You have News pages but not enough. Also no dates or categories. Not sure whether this is from 2016 or 1988. Suggestion – stop with the news page.
  4. Too many languages. Concentrate on a good website in English. Forget the languages. Google can handle this better than you. You competitors have not got this. Consider one overview page per language if necessary which requires low maintenance. (see the location icon menu item = this  can be replaced with a flag). Let your contacts write one overview of the product in their language with clear local contact information if people need to contact a local representative.
  5. About does not exist – as a visitor we have no idea who is behind QuizXpress. Knowing who is behind the company and the passion gives a potential buyer trust in the company. More about Michel & Bart and who you are and where you come from definitely needed. This will certainly convince buyers that they are at a trustworthy address.

Facebook – Get people involved

QuizXpress is a trivia game. Use that to get people involved!. Make direct contact with the people who love trivia.

Email and telephone Marketing

It is essential that the potential buyers of QuizXpress are aware of its potential. Direct contact is therefore needed.


  • Gather a list of potential event organisors
  • Use own network to establish possibilities
  • Talk to people and explain the usages
  • Monthly email to the potential buyers via MailChimp.