#Rotterdamiloveyou. And it is true I do. I have lived here for the last 16 years and as the city has evolved into an urban wonder my love for it has grown too.

Yesterday as my oldest daughter turned 16, I wanted to do something unforgettable. And I did, I booked two rooms at NHow Rotterdam for the family. It may seem to some a little bizarre that a Monday evening at the Kop van Zuid (Head of the South)  in Rotterdam, just 5 km from our house would be unforgettable but believe me, it was. We loved it.

The hotel is situated in the new building De Rotterdam. A huge glass three tower beauty, designed by Rem Koolhaas. I had never been in and was really intrigued what it was like. A promise of urbanisity and art. And boy did it meet its promise.

The hotel made me think a lot of Mama Shelter. Even though it was totally different. Mama Shelter is dark and mysterious. Nhow is a box of light and energy enhancing.  But the over all feel is the same. Every inch of the hotel has been carefully thought out and filled with the modern straight lines complemented by bizarre but beautiful artwork, neon lights and concrete. A smart choice where art meets industry.

I am a huge fan of straight lines and repetition and so this hotel was perfect. From the view of the office block from our window to the repeating tv screens in the hall the design used simplicity, repeated it over and over again and made something magic.

Return … wow yes. I want to live there!