This year we chose Corsica for our summer holiday destination. Not because of any burning desire to come here but simply because we had been too busy, or too lazy to get anything booked and the flights were reasonable when booking just a couple of weeks ago. A vlla with private pool would have obviously been my first choice but last minute booking for 5 people and a limited budget after our big holiday last year, left us with little choice. I am therefore writing this blog while happily waiting for the laundry to finish in a laundret in a big holiday complex on the east coast of Corsica in a small town called Ghisonaccia.

Yesterday we drove 1.5 hours south along the east coast. We have been a number of times to Sardinia and what occured to me was that Corsica is obviously richer. In Sardinia there are loads of half built unfinished houses, unkept gardens. Here not. Everything is tidy, looked after and clean. It is really pretty and the roads are pot hole free. Very much the feeling of de Cote d,azur. Our destinatiin was Bonifacio a beautiful harbour with a old town build on the white cliffs.

With the full sun shining we parked by the harbour and the first thing we saw was Skyfall, an imoressive 63m yacht that is with around 38 million. It almost made me stand still. That someeone can afford that. That someone has the luxury of sailing in it. It made me suddenly feel rather small and insignificant.

We took the train up to to the old town and took lunch at ‘la bodega’ which we choose through revieuws on trip advisor. A simple living room type restaurant with a small but tasty menu with local dishes. It was fine. The plates were empty our bellies were full. We took a walk around the town and visited the gift shops which I must say are really nice. No cheap and nasty. Each shop had small gifts (We bought loads oof ankle bracelets for the friends of the kids) but beautifully presented. It reminded me a lot of Ibiza Town.

Bonifacio corsica

We spent a couple of hours there and slowly drifted down the hill, taking photos and popping into the odd church and gallery. All in all a very civilised and plesent afternoon in a beautiful place.

When we got to the bottom there was Skyfall again. This time I saw it side on. OMG! So big yet so elegant. I want one .. I have no clue who owns it. But it did give me a nudge. If somone can afford that then why can’t afford a small one one day. If I really set my mind to achieving my goals then what is stopping me.

So after the holiday .. I am going to work really really hard. First though just one more week of doing very little.

Bonifacio corsicaBonifacio corsica