To Sell

A good website will deliver the basics but In order to sell (a lot, with profit) then we need the following. Each of these are explained below with the exception of social media which you can find here:

  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Lookbook
  • Newsletter
  • Google advertising
  • Bloggers
  • Consignatie

Blog (Behind the scenes)

Writing a blog costs time and knowledge over the products and lifestyle, however it has the following advantages for De Nimes:

  • Essential for high rankings in Google.
  • It shows authority regarding the products we are selling – we know what you are talking about.
  • It allows the customers to trust that this is not a factory. This is a well thought out (husband and wife run) company who are selling the best products at the right price.
  • It gives us an opportunity to get the customers enthusiastic. For example, sell the clothes by giving examples of  celebreties who are wearing that produce/brand and convince them to pay the full price. If that is not possible, focus on detail and lifestyle #timelessfashion.
  • It allows the customers to be associated with our personal goals and passions. You guys do it good on (personal) Facebook. Integrate that with your store. Let the world know that luxury is important to you. Be yourself.
  • It allows the customers to get a deeper insight into what we are selling
  • It allows us to be proud about the products that we sell


A lookbook is nice but not essential


Email marketing is the most effective way to get to your customers. Everyone has email. Not everyone has social media. There are so many benefits it is silly to list them here. Please just type into Google ‘why is email marketing so effective’ and you will get to articles such as the following:

A weekly newsletter is essential. Keep people interested and drive sales!

Google and Social Media Advertising

Google and social media advertising is a complex business that most businesses do not understand. They pay way too much for this. Set up correctly it does not have to cost a fortune however a budget for advertising is wise especially in the first year. We can set up campaigns to target individual countries and set a budget for each country concentrating on the brands that sell well within that particular land and for our target market.


Certainly in the startup fase a push start from bloggers is fantastic. Very good for google rankings and brilliant on social media. As part of your marketing budget reserve some cash for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  Some startup bloggers will write about you in return for a item of clothing. Below are some of the bloggers/Instagramers that I follow, but I am sure that you will know a lot more:

Even if we do not actually pay them to write about us, we still have to let them know that we exists. We can do this through tagging/commenting and liking on social media. Eventually they will mention us or at least comment back. This builds awareness of De Nimes on social media – free advertising.


Consignatie verkoop is essential to build the lifestyle. The more products can be found on the website from De Nimes, the better. Think about Google and Social Media. Make a SMART agreement with the distributors.. agree that if we sell their products then we need at least, for example .. 2 blogs per year and 1x per week mention in social media,